Lev Sergeyevich Termen

"I visualize great possibilities in connection with the problem of controlling sound material by means other than mechanical, by free movement of the hands in the air, which offers more intimate connection of these sounds with the individuality of the performing artist, and will make available not only the expressive power of existing instruments, but perhaps even greater possibilities."

Updated August 3, 2001

(Always updating..... well, sometimes)

Hello, and welcome to my spot on the World Wide Web. This site is for those who share an interest in the father of ALL electronic musical instruments, the THEREMIN. Currently we are at a pinnacle of interest in this instrument. Let's not let that fervor die down.

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New to the theremin? Here's a neat little link that may help in explaining what a theremin is. Go to it from HERE. Try this link, IT WORKS! (Thanks, Rob!)

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My Websites, a list of them all
The Paul Tanner Electro-Theremin Page UPDATED! (5-19-01)
Theremin Topics
Where to get a Theremin
The Tannerin, a new musical instrument
'97 International Theremin Festival Highlights
Theremin newsgroup
Levnet, the theremin listserver

August 3, 2001

What's NEW this update...

"THEREMIN: An Electronic Odyssey" now on DVD!

(11-14-00) THEREMIN: An Electronic Odyssey a documentary by Steven M. Martin is now available on DVD! www.amazon.com has it for $16.99 and it's in stock.

Unfortunately, the DVD version does not include footage seen in the theatrical release - no Mickey Mouse Club footage and no Sam Hoffman.

Things From Last Updates

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"It's a little like the conductor who molds the whole orchestra: All the music is produced by his motions, by the tips of his fingers. But he's only conducting other people; he doesn't produce a single sound. Here, with the theremin, you are the conductor, but you make the sound. You make the music."- Clara Rockmore, KEYBOARD magazine, Feb. 1994

Theremin Topics

An Interview with Paul Tanner

Get the true story behind the theremin on "Good Vibrations", and much more. Paul Tanner's only interview about his electro theremin, and it's right here!

Prof. Theremin explains...

Prof. Theremin explains his invention, the THEREMIN, circa 1928.


Getting the right sound from your theremin.

My Theremin

Here it is, my custom Etherwave™. The story behind building it. Updated, 4-16-97.

Me and Theremins

Guess you could call this my complete chronology of theremin interest. It's a long story, so get a cup of coffee, come back, and enjoy.

"Don't forget that you are dealing with air! Think of your fingers as delicate butterfly wings, and you will get much further than if you use strength"- Clara Rockmore

Theremin newsgroup

Yes, there is a newsgroup for the theremin. By clicking on alt.music.makers.theremin , you will be able to keep up with theremin related topics, post questions, and post replies. Give it a try!

Also, information on the newsgroup is available at The Theremin Homepage, on this page.

Levnet, the theremin listserver

A newly formed listserver is available for the discussion of theremin-related topics. For more information, click on Levnet


Of course, no visit is complete without taking a few links. Try my NEW MEGALINK PAGE for a list of theremin-related sites.

"With this instrument, I have made it possible to produce tones of constancy of pitch not even remotely approached by the best piano or organ". -Leon Theremin, 1927


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