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"SIDEMAN: Stories About THE Band"

By Paul Tanner, Ph.D., Glenn Miller Trombonist

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Paul Tanner's latest book, SIDEMAN: Stories About THE Band has just been published! This 256 page, 8 1/2" x 11" softcover book is quite simply stated, awesome. It's unique layout and design really make this one of Tanner's best books yet.

The book is divided into three parts. Part One is a series of presentations Dr. Tanner has given through the years on the Glenn Miller Orchestra and other luminaries during the Swing Era. Musical examples (actual recordings) are cited to provide the reader with an aural reference to the text. Of special interest in this section is the huge collection of photographs and a special chapter, "A Personal Look at the Fellows in the Band" where Tanner gives personal glimpses and observations of each member of the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Part Two is a collection of interviews and articles centering on Tanner's lengthy musical career. Yours truly has an article presented, but mine isn't the only mention of Tanner's "theremin" work. Again, an ample supply of photos are presented and the inclusion of personal snapshot photos taken at less formal gatherings is a real treat.

Part Three is a series of essays that, as Tanner puts it, do not fit in with the other two parts. Of particular interest to Glenn Miller fans will be the chapter, "What Actually Happened to Glenn Miller", where Tanner discusses the truth behind Miller's mysterious disappearance during the Second World War.

Numerous previously unpublished photographs are presented throughout the book - a particular goal Tanner had in mind as he arranged the book. Tanner searched through all the available books on Glenn Miller and was not able to find any of the photos he has presented here. Special care was taken by the publisher in the reproduction of the photos.

Tanner's conversational style of writing, along with all the great information and photos presented, make this book a valuable addition to the music lover's library.

The book is priced at $19.95 in soft cover and is available from:

Cosmo Space of America Co., Ltd.
8800 Venice Blvd., PH-401
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 287-2645

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