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Updated 9-8-07

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1961 Bach Stradivarius in mint condition, Medium Large bore, 37 bell, 25 leadpipe (Courtesy of Karel Haaze)

1993 Bach Stradivarius cornet, Model 184G, with deluxe engraving (Courtesy of Dale Proctor)

1955 Bach Stradivarius, Medium bore, 37 bell, 25 leadpipe (Courtesy of Dr. Jochen Heitger)

1953 Bach Stradivarius (Courtesy of Phil Murphy)

1957 Mt. Vernon Bach Mercury (Courtesy of Monty M-B)

Bach Strad, Serial #70503 from 1971 in near mint condition. 43 bell with 25 mouthpipe. (Courtesy of Tom D'Antoni)

1947 NY Bach Strad, raw brass. (Courtesy of Allan Kamfonik)

Gold plated 1953 Mt. Vernon Bach Strad, 37 bell with 25 mouthpipe. (Courtesy of Allan Kamfonik)

1979 Bach Strad, 72 bell with 43 mouthpipe. (Courtesy of Allan Kamfonik)

An ornate gold plated Bach Stradivarius from 1926, serial #330. It features a #4 bell with #2 leadpipe. (Courtesy of Keith Beckham)

Close-up of the bell engraving on #330. Such a beautiful horn! (Courtesy of Keith Beckham)

Close-up of the bell engraving on #330 from a different angle. (Courtesy of Keith Beckham)

Leaf pattern engraving on interior bell flair, #330. (Courtesy of Keith Beckham)

Close-up view of the leaf patterns. Each leaf (all engraved by hand) is unique! (Courtesy of Keith Beckham)

Bach Strad, Serial #3312 from 1936. Features an unusual #1 slide configuration, #7 bell and #5 leadpipe all in the original gold lacquer finish. (Courtesy of Roy Hempley)

Bach Strad, Serial #1288 (Courtesy of Manfred Voelk)

Model 54 Bel Canto by Severinsen-Akright, 1987. (Courtesy of Bill Causey)

Large Bore Model 7-10-62, circa 1935. "-62" designates .462" bore, "7-10", the bell model - a combination of the 7 and 10 bell mandrels. (Special thanks to Magnus K.)

1927 Med. Bore Bach Apollo, Serial Number 639. (Special thanks to Alan W.)

Close up view of the engraving on Bix Beiderbecke's Bach cornet, Serial Number 620.

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