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Classic Style Bach Tuning Slides

Improve the response, intonation and flexibility of your Bach Stradivarius trumpet!

My slide is inspired by the early New York Bach trumpet. Through the years, the main tuning slide crook of the Bach trumpet has been "squared" off. Currently, the only other option available from the Selmer Company is the single radius, round crook. I used this single radius crook on my horn for quite a few years, but now I feel what is really optimum is a curvature between today's modern "square" crook and the newer single radius "round" crook.

After studying the history of the Bach trumpet, I came across several important design elements which have been all but eliminated. Some of these include- brass valve guides, brace configuration, brace sizing, and more importantly, tubing taper and curvature.

So, when we look to change other, modern, design elements back to the original Bach concept, we are faced mostly with the bracing (including flange size and configuration) and the main tuning slide.

What I have found and tested with other professionals is for many people, the ideal main tuning slide crook radius is one that is not too square or too round. When studying Bach trumpets prior to the Selmer phase of production, we find the curvature to match this ideal too. Look at the following illustration of a 1937 Bach main tuning slide and my slide:

And compare to the current Bach design:

Below, we can see a comparison of the modern Bach crook (#1), my custom crook (#2) and the new round Bach crook (#3):

Note: This computer-generated graphic is from an actual photograph of the three crooks side by side.

Until now, our only option has been either the standard square model or the semicircular rounded design.

I am currently offering for sale my own custom designed tuning slide for the ML or L bore Bb trumpet and ML or L bore C trumpet (with 25H/C/S pipe - other options available).

Available with the following options: Standard Bach Waterkey, Amado Waterkey, Long Crook Model (for C trumpet - it uses a full length B-flat crook; this requires the tuning slide to be positioned further in), Brace-less Model (no middle tuning slide brace - this has the effect of a bit more free-blowing horn), No Waterkey (tuning crook will have no hole drilled - some people prefer this type of tuning slide. You'll have to pull and remove the slide each time to let moisture out).

New C trumpet models available!!!!

These are available in standard C length crook (C1A), B-flat length crook (C1AL), or an "in-between" crook (C1AX)which measures in-between the length of the standard C crook and Bb crook. For many people, the B-flat length crook improves intonation. It sure did on my horn! The longer crook brings the tuning position of the slide further in as well (less internal gap). It also provides a little longer straight line before the bend of the slide crook (in effect, elongating the leadpipe). A new "in-between" crook has been developed which allows the player to have the same benefit of the Bb length crook, but because of it's slightly shorter length (shorter than the Bb crook, that is) it gives the player more flexibility with intonation. This model is particularly helpful for players who like the playing characteristics of the Bb length crook but who may occasionally have to perform in cooler than normal. This model is my personal model.

Slides are large bore (.462") and designed to fit 25H/C/A leadpipes. Other options are available so be sure to ask.

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