Theremin Websites

Theremin World
Jason Barile's very comprehensive site

Take a look at THEREMINS
Bob Sexton's informative site

Theremin Enthusiasts Club International
"T.E.C.I". A site from Canada. Join the club

Erste Nederlandse Theremin Pagina
Translated, "The First Dutch Theremin Page". Now back online!!!

The Musical Saw and Theremin Page
Rob, the sawman, has a new page. Be sure to check it out, it's a good one! Sign the guestbook too, while you are there

Charlie Lester's Theremin Page
Nice page from California. Be sure to check out the GALLERY

Robert Edlund's Theremin Homepage
English version site from Sweden. Be sure to stop by and sign the guestbook

David Robbin's Theremin Page
A new page, featuring COOL graphics

The Clara Rockmore Page
No, Clara does not have her own homepage, but Patrick Apps has a nice site dedicated to her

Art's Theremin Page
Be sure to check out Art's Theremin Page!!! LOTS of plans and VERY GOOD technical info

The Tube Theremin Page
Dave Ball has started a page dedicated to his pursuits of building tube theremins. Check it out

Doug Forbes has put together an excellent page of technical information regarding tube theremin design

The Theremin Page
A nice page about pitch-only theremin. Has some cool pics of Jimmy Page playing theremin too

Electro-Theremin/Tannerin Websites

The Paul Tanner Electro-Theremin Home Page
Featuring info on the electro-theremin and its developer, Paul Tanner. You've heard this instrument on The Beach Boys "Good Vibrations", now get the rest of the story

Tannerin '99
Tom Polk's page about the Tannerin he built for Brian Wilson's world tour

Mike's Homemade Tannerin (Electro-Theremin)
Mike Beauchamp's page about his Tannerin. Tannerin feaver is catching!

Theremin Manufacturers

Big Briar, Inc.
The company Bob Moog built. Keep up with the latest news from this great company

Featuring theremins, and now, a new MIDI/CV interface

PAiA Electronics
Theremax™ theremin and other electronic kits

Rosedene Audio
Home of the Elysian theremin

A London-based company specializing in pitch-only theremins

Horst Musical Instruments
An Australian electronics maker who lists two models of theremins, and analog and MIDI version

Companies that Sell Theremins

zZounds Music Discovery Center
A theremin discovery center itself, Chicago's zZounds carries Big Briar theremins and regularly hosts theremin workshops

Theremin Newsgroup

The theremin newsgroup. Post, reply theremin-related items

Levnet, the theremin listserver

If you don't find anyone on the newsgroup, it is probably because most of us moved over to Levnet, an e-mail-based subscription list. Come join us on Levnet

Other Theremin-Related Pages

An Historic Perspective of Two Early Electronic Instruments
A new site which investigates the origins of two popular electronic musical instruments- the theremin and ondes Martenot

Very informative site with info on many an "oldie", including the Ondes Martenot

Electronic Music Foundation
The EMF. A strong supporter of the theremin and electronic music

Very, very good story about Prof. Theremin. Don't miss this one!

So What's A Theremin?
From the Caramoor site

Discovery Online
Get the story behind Bob Moog's involvement with electronic musical instruments

Electronic Music Archive
An all-electronic orchestra records in 1932

Raymond Scott Web Archive
Not so much a theremin site, but still an entertaining electronic musical instrument and composition (!) site

Other Interesting Sites

Tom's Radio Collection
When Tom isn't building Tannerins or telescopes, he's busy collecting portable transistor radios. Go have a look

Harry Partch Society
Did someone say Harry Partch? Yes, and here is a great page to visit

Dave's Theremin Home Page