Bach Main Tuning Slide Crooks

Various Year Models of Bach Trumpet Tuning Slide Crooks

Early Besson Brevette (an inspiration for the early Bach Strad)

1927 Bach Apollo (Med. Bore)

1928 Bach Strad

1935 Bach Strad

1937 Bach Strad

1952 Bach Strad

1965 Bach Strad

Bel Canto (Akright)

Laskey/Pinc Conversion

Holton T101 (Bach Model 37 Copy)

2001 Bach Strad, Round Crook

1937 slide/My slide

The slide I just made today (6-28-01) compared to the 1937. Note how the earlier Bachs had less "square" and more curve than the current Strad model (shown below).

Another image of my slide design: