Current Custom Bach Project, finish date: 04-15-05

The project -

Turn a large bore 1930's Bach cornet into a custom made 1930's style Bach Stradivarius trumpet with lightweight model 25 bell, #6 leadpipe, custom bracing and configuration, and custom tuning slide.

This project was pretty much what I did earlier to another cornet. You can see the entire process of that earlier project by clicking: HERE.

What I will do on this page is just post a few pictures of the finished project and maybe one or two "in progress" images. Enjoy!

Here's what we start with: part of a cornet and a few trumpet components.

Lining things up after removing the cornet's mouthpipe parts and braces.

A right and left side view of the finished project.

A "vintage" looking image of the horn.

Similar pose as above, different lighting and in color.

Not your typical pose, but hey, I like it!

Don't you just want to grab it and play it? Yeah, me too. I'm going to have to build one like this for myself. This horn really plays nicely and I want one!