Current Custom Bach Project, begin date: 02-08-03; ending date: 02-14-03

I spent some time this morning (2-15-03) recording a few excerpts on this horn. Please pardon the sound quality. I used my Sony camcorder, then ran the sound into my PC. I also woke up with a bad allgery/cold thing going, so I think my sound tended to be a little more brash than normal. No editing was done to the sound clips other than adding a little reverb. But excuses aside, here are a few samples of this NY styled 43G belled Bach Strad:

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Charlier6_TK02.mp3 A short 8 measure phrase from Charlier etude No. 6

GoedkeTK_02.mp3 9 measures from Goedke's "Concert Etude". Unfortunately the camcorder's mic seems to level everything out, so the dynamics really all sound the same. Oh well. And to think I have Neumann TLM 103 mic's I've never used. You live and learn!

Charlier8_TK02.mp3 8 measures from one of my favorite of the Charlier etudes, No. 8. This was my warm-up this morning.

Kennan_TK05.mp3 A short excerpt from Kent Kennan's "Sonata". Don't let my title ("take 5") fool you. I threw away so many out-takes, it's ridiculous. After spending nearly 45 minutes on this one goofy lick I decided that was about as best I could do. Plus it was past lunch time!

Hope you enjoyed these. My apologies if you didn't! :-)


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